Chicago Language Symposium


The Department of Modern Languages at DePaul University

together with

The Council on Language Instruction and the Multimedia Learning Center at Northwestern University
The Sandi Port Errant Language
and Culture Learning Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago
The University Language Center at the University of Chicago



Contexts and Language Learning: Situated Learning in the 21st Century

April 17-18, 2015
DePaul University

Join us on Friday evening for our opening keynote speaker:

Dr. Elaine Tarone

 Proposals are sought for sessions on Saturday.  The focus of this symposium is on how various authentic contexts can be integrated and utilized to facilitate college-level language learning and teaching in the 21st century. Topics may include:

  • telecollaborative projects with native speakers
  • online gaming and simulated contexts
  • language learning in short- and long-term study abroad contexts
  • language use and identity
  • service-based language learning
  • translation projects
  • involvement in local target language-speaking communities
  • language use in internships and other experiences

Proposals should include a title clearly indicating the topic and a clear description of a project or study and its implications.  Preference will be given to proposals describing a study, project, curriculum or initiative with mention of its planning, implementation and outcomes, results or impact.

Presentations are limited to twenty minutes, followed by ten minutes for discussion.

Submission deadline Sunday, February 1, 2015.  All languages are welcome.  Please send your proposal to Li Jin, [email protected]

Please see the symposium website for more information on the symposium and proposal application:


Mont Ventoux
Mont Ventoux, France. Jean-Marc Rosier