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The Council on Language Instruction supports language faculty as they pursue excellence in language instruction and curriculum development and prepare Northwestern students to engage with the world as global citizens.

By organizing regular workshops, seminars, talks, and symposia for the Northwestern community on the teaching and learning of language and culture, the Council creates and promotes best practices inside and outside of the classroom based on the latest research on effective pedagogy, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, and the teaching of culture.

The Council on Language Instruction encourages collaboration with other campus units in order to promote professional development as well as to extend learning beyond the classroom and facilitate practical applications of communication skills. These activities may include study and research abroad, local and international internships, and service projects in the community.

Recognizing the importance of digital technologies, the Council on Language Instruction promotes the development of innovative tools and the effective use of established and emerging technologies for language instruction.

The Council on Language Instruction also encourages faculty to engage in campus initiatives, conduct research in fields relevant to language and culture, and pursue professional development in order to maintain excellence in language and culture instruction.

(Voted 4 June 2015 Meeting)

The Council on Language Instruction has representation from:

the Program of African Studies
the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
the Department of Classics
the Department of French and Italian
the Department of German
the Center for Jewish and Israeli Studies
the English Language Programs (The Department of Linguistics and The Graduate School)
the Program in Middle East and North African Studies
the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
the Media and Design Studio

For detailed information regarding language study and language requirements at Northwestern University, please consult our language brochure that is published annually by the Council on Language Instruction.

For more information about the Council on Language Instruction, please contact

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